Global Bulk Bag Innovative Packaging Solutions for Tomorrow  


GBB’s founders have a long history in the packaging business.

B.F.Import & Trading Ltd. was established in 1926 as a specialty company manufacturing and importing jute bags. The original name of the company was I. Buchman and Son Ltd. Over the years, the company expanded beyond jute products into providing packaging solutions for numerous industries: Agriculture, Chemical, Plastics, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, and Foodstuff. The Company’s main specialization is woven sacks made from natural or plastic materials: Polypropylene, Bulk, Mesh, and Jute.

In 1984, I. Buchman and Son merged with Techno Hoot Ltd, a manufacturer and distributor of various types of sewing yarn. Each principal received 50% of the new company.

In 2002, I. Buchman entered into partnership with Qingdao Jushao Plastic Products Co. Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of Bulk Bags. Qingdao Jushao is an amalgamation of a number of factories in Shandong Province under the able management of Hao Ping.

In 2006, I. Buchman and Qingdao Jushao decided to cement their collaboration through the formation of GBB (Global Bulk Bag), to take advantage of the synergy of these businesses and further enhance the ability of the entrepreneurs to successfully penetrate various markets.

The cost advantage of manufacturing in China is key to this important partnership. Having a Chinese partner who is able to direct and supervise large scale orders, enables GBB to overcome many of the communication and reliability issues that plague our competitors and other importers. The direct benefit to our customers is a reduction in their Bulk Bag costs of 10-20%, and reliable consistency in the quality of their products.