Global Bulk Bag Innovative Packaging Solutions for Tomorrow  

Mission Statement:
Innovation & Quality at Lowest Prices

GBB is dedicated to serving our customers’ packaging needs by providing innovative solutions that work well within the customers’ budgetary limitations. We aim to consistently supply the highest quality products at the lowest price in the marketplace.

To accomplish this goal, GBB seeks the most efficient and effective manufacturing processes throughout the world. We strive to “stay on top of the market,” constantly searching for new techniques, materials, and methods. We take advantage of new technological developments that enable us to better serve our clients.

GBB engages in active learning and training processes to keep our management and staff at the forefront of the industry. We join and participate in various industry associations and groups, since we believe networking throughout the industry and with clients - both existing and potential - is a key to the growth and success of our enterprise.

We provide our clients with accurate, easy to understand billing information and maintain transparency and integrity in all financial dealings. GBB utilizes the most efficient and updated automated accounting systems available.

GBB’s vision is to become the best known, most trusted brand in the FIBC industry. We aspire to be the most creative, innovative, and reliable packaging expert in the field.

GBB expects to realize our vision through strict adherence to our mission, through total honesty and integrity, and by constantly staying “ahead of the curve” in all aspects of our industry.