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Production Facilities

In addition to maintaining its own production facilities in Israel and China, GBB also works with a large number of other foreign manufacturers to ensure that our clients receive the best FIBC to meet their needs. Two overriding objectives rule when finding outside producers: Quality and Price.

GBB is uncompromising about quality. The standard set by our customer is only our starting point. It is imperative we meet and exceed all quality standards existing in the marketplace today. GBB constantly monitors production of our associated producers and will eliminate from our team any producer who does not live up to our expectations.

We work closely with our foreign producers, teaching them new techniques, and introducing new materials and methods. We monitor all aspects of our associates’ production to ensure seamless delivery of the highest quality product possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Cost is as important to GBB as it is to our clients. We know that inefficient production methods, inferior materials, and poor labor performance can adversely affect any cost advantage. Therefore, we assist our affiliates in upgrading their production equipment and methods. We refuse to accept less than excellence. Our producers are aware of our demands and constantly implement changes to guarantee continued improvement.

As a result, GBB offers exactly what you need: The highest quality Bulk Bag at the most reasonable price in the marketplace. And we are determined to keep up this tradition of high quality/low price as long as the company exists. It is our promise to you.